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LeGardeManger2-200x300The garde-manger (“pantry” literally keep or guard food storeroom) is one of my childhood memories It was the cave of Ali Baba when I was playing with my cousins and by myself, with the excuse of playing hide and seek, and who of us could find the candy. We sat suspended in the middle of the storeroom, just above the bottles of wine older than my grandfather guarded and treasured over the years.

Fruits, vegetables, sausages, cheeses, eggs, wheat … everything that you could imagine was in the “garde-manger” storeroom!
We the little ones sneakily took food left and right and we always discovered new yummy flavours.

French version:
Le garde-manger fait partie des souvenirs de mon enfance. C’était la caverne d’Ali Baba ou mes cousins et moi-même, avec l’excuse de jouer a cache-cache, allions dénicher des friandises. Il trônait, suspendu au beau milieu de la cave, juste au-dessus des bouteilles de vin vieux que mon grand-père entassait au fil des ans.
Fruits, légumes, saucissons, fromages, œufs, graines… tout ce que vous puissiez imaginer de bon y était stocke.
Nous les peitts nous piquions des trucs a gauche et a droite et nous découvrions toujours des saveurs nouvelles.

Bon Appétit !

Le Garde-Manger

Le Garde Manger French Restaurant

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"Fantastic food and great atmosphere with comfortable decor. This place makes you feel at home and yet provides quality service and fun food. The best place in Queen street. I want to try it at lunchtime next time."

5/5 stars - Satomi Taylor